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Organic carrot, cucumber and shea butter in a rich, cream base for the healthiest skin conditioning lotion in the world. Dusk scent. Dries matte. Free of dyes, alcohol and harsh synthetics. Recyclable packaging.


  • Contains Aloe, Cucumber and Carrot
  • No Animal Ingredients
  • Recyclable (Where Facilities Exist)

Brand Information

Starting a personal care company in 2000 on a few thousand dollars, in a log cabin on a dirt road with no internet and a questionable phone line, could be classified as crazy. The fact that we were broke wasn’t a plus. After ruining all our hand me down pots and pans developing our first formulae, hand filling our first bottles of shave cream and taking our first order to the local rural post office where we were greeted with long stares; we got it running. After years of work and countless hours fighting with many of our suppliers who said it couldn’t be done, we created a healthy, cruelty free, US made, no animal ingredients grooming regime that looks, feels and performs like "conventional products" in recyclable packaging (where facilities exist) - revolutionary to the personal care industry. 

Some may wonder why we do all of this. Our answer: we realize every day millions of tons of personal care products are used globally which could be made much healthier for humans and the environment. We wanted to create personal care products that are both healthy and have minimal environmental impact. We believe small changes in our everyday routine, like switching a can of aerosol shave cream to a recyclable tube of natural shave cream, can collectively have a long-term dramatic benefit to human health and our environment.

People think it is fancy now that our products are carried by noted retailers, shipped internationally and mentioned in magazines; but, the reality is we're just happy that Herban Cowboy products contribute to the growing environmental movement by making it easy for people to 'go green'. 

Thanks for being a “Herban Cowboy” and part of our story!

Luke & Lisa
Herban Cowboy

For information on our sole focus charity, sadly enough, it’s the trees. We are proud Sustaining Corporate Members of the National Arbor Day Foundation.

To get involved please visit:  www.arborday.org

We would like to thank PETA for all they do and for listing our products.

For more information check out www.PETA.org.