Superfood; The secret of beauty -

Superfood; The secret of beauty

Maggie Reyes

Superfoods are foods that contain high levels of nutrients such as antioxidants and vitamins. Why are those nutrients important for you? If nothing else, these components are essential for beauty.


Superfoods and Antioxidants

Antioxidants are a very important base for beauty, since it has as a function to retard and prevent the oxidation of the cells, thus helping reduce the signs of aging. These nutrients can be found naturally in large quantities in superfoods, such as; Cacao, chia, goji.

 Superfood; The secret of beauty -

Superfoods and vitamins

In addition to antioxidants, superfoods are rich in vitamins. Vitamins are very beneficial for skin care, hair and nails; helping achieve a healthy state and a beautiful appearance. The vitamins contained in superfoods differ within superfoods. For example, Spirulina containing vitamins A, B and C while coconut has high level of vitamin C. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E while cocoa with vitamins B3 and B6.


Other superfoods for beauty

Superfoods have become a powerful addition in the production of cosmetics and homemade products, since they have all the benefits for beauty. In addition, they are 100% natural eliminating the need for chemical agents, which can cause unwanted reactions.


Other superfoods that I can’t fail to mention in this article are;

Avocado: Very common for hair treatments. Its high content of vitamin E and potassium helps to regenerate the strands of hair, giving it softness and shine.

Honey: With its antioxidant power, it helps with the anti-aging treatment of both the skin and the lips. It is also very powerful for hair treatment.

Almond: Helps to soften and tone the skin. Almond oil is widely used for facial treatments, creams and colognes.

Matcha tea: It is powerful antioxidant and can be prepared in a homemade way as a mask. It helps against inflammation, thus reducing bags under the eyes and wrinkle. It is also good for toning the skin.

Romero: As an infusion it is very powerful, both in internal and external care. As an external treatment, Romero helps to tone the skin and is greatly beneficial for hair treatment, helping hair growth and strength, eliminating dandruff and delaying the appearance of gray hairs.



Superfoods can be added to any homemade beauty products. If you aren’t ready to invest time into making your own homemade beauty products, I recommend some supplements and cosmetics on the market that are 100% natural, with all the benefits of a homemade combination.


Here is a list of some brands that contain superfoods in a 100% natural way;

  • Ecco Bella
  • Nuvocare
  • Ddrops
  • Firm'N Gro
  • Jamieson

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